Thursday, August 16, 2007



“How many have you killed?’

Not many.

“Give me a number?”

The news says 27.

“27! Fuck no!”

Fuck yes…!

“That’s preposterous you silly asshole.”

I am sorry.

“You ought to be!”

What in store next?

“Well there will be an inquiry. Media will lash out at the lunacy. Safety measures level will go high. Wrongdoers will go in detention Yady ya ya!”

What about me? It was a nominal malfunction the regulator fucked up. I had to place the explosive some where fast.

“So Public Park was ok?”

Well I thought about MacDonald’s. But you know I am sucker for clowns! Then I saw not too far away this wretched park with some miserable families having sick, lonely and depressed gratification. So I went in and placed the sucker right in the middle of the park. Ha ha.

“Ok, I think we can make an arrangement for you to take a vacation in Dubai”

Fuck no! I want to stay here! I have a life too. I am not running away. Ask these political pundits to fucking cover me up. I was going for there purpose to begin with.

‘Don’t be an ass. They are fumed. You had to place these explosives at the journalist's protest against poverty. And you ended up blowing poverty. Ha hA HA’

I am sorry.

“You ought to be!”

Friday, July 27, 2007


Hello folk’s; gentlemen, ladies and babies. I am the Dark side the Darkened soul, the venture from Satan’s pit and all that jazz. I have some tales to tell. These tales are for those who care to read about distress and dreadful situations in their comfy rooms, glad that it’s not them but the miserable people in the story gathering their gruesome fate. The writer is not to be blamed, for what is put forth is not in actual fact by him but by Darkened soul. Although this is hard to procure especially by you people who have yet to acquire the scheme of God and his clout but that’s the precision in its most obscure form. Everyone is welcome to read these tales which contain the sadism of life, the spitefulness of Achilles' heel and a gratifying ride filled with blood, guts and piercing gore. Enjoy!

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jessie Happy birthday to you…”

Eileen is carrying a cake. Last year Jessie turned twelve and demanded a chocolate cream cake. Eileen baked it and we all ate the cake went to the amusement park and Jessie had such fun! This time around I see Eileen baked the same chocolate cream cake. But the mere site of the cake sickened me. Eileen is oblivion of the reality that the white creamy surface of the cake was soaked with thick blood which was oozing from Eileen hand. Jessie is not jumping with joy at the site of the cake. She is in bed and most of her face is rotten. Her body is covered with bacteria and toadstool. Her mouth is half open and blood is trickling down her chin. The room has this stench of putrefy remains and vomit.

“Hey, here you go angel, take a bite...” I am watching in distaste. Eileen is forcing a portion of the cake in Jessie mouth. Jessie swollen body is resisting I can see that but Eileen is pressing hard. What remains of Jessie mouth is bleeding all over the cake and some of it is finally in her mouth and will probably stay there and rot.

“Hey Honey, you want some!” Eileen is now facing me her hand rest on her hips which is a sign that she is irritated. I used to love that look, I was blessed to have a fine-looking wife and gorgeous kid. Now I am cursed to see Eileen. Her whole body is soaked with blood steaming down the pores of her skin. She has yanked most of her hairs off her skull in despair and anguish. But that was when she had some senses left in her. I can see that she has lost her mentality. How lucky is this!! Why can’t I lose my mind!! And become rancid happy and cheerful.

“No honey, ill have it later. You go dress up; we will go out in a while”.

“Ok, Gumby” Jessie is smiling at me and I want to scream. She has lost most of her teeth and more blood is coming from her mouth.

“I am checking on dingy!”

“You better feed him too honey, I’ll give Jessie some more cake” Jessie is looking at me with her ‘oh honey you are so sweet smile.’

I am out of the room. Can’t take this anymore, I want to scream, I want to curse, I want to cry but I have been doing this since hell broke lose on my house. I am not feeling too good either. Have lost much blood, can see my skin rotting and the smutty fungus is spreading all over my skin. I am the last one to get infected by this disease. The first one was dingy, our beloved pet dog. At the far end of Jessie room is Dingy’s corner. The poor chump is still there. But all I can see is a pulp of skin and meat covered in red and still showing some sign of life. The fungus eats u slowly I guess as none of us are dead yet. We are melting inside and out, our skin is shredding and these fucking maggots are feasting on us yet we are alive. Oh well I feel I can scream for a while!!!!

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….help!! You fuckers let us out!!!
Let my wife out!! Let my kid out!!

“Daddy, I got a surprise for you!” Jessie arms were around me and I hugged her hard. She always gave me cute little surprises which were mere stories from school or something new she learned”

“What is it sweet face?” I kissed her cheek, admiring her beauty, her blue eyes, creamy white skin and shiny blond hair.

“Close your eyes, and open them when I say so daddy” Jessie gave me her grin.

I closed my eyes and waited.

“Open you eyes daddy!”

I opened my eyes and my heart sunk. Jessie face was crawling with maggots her last strands of hair were falling and her skin was liquefying.

“I love you Daddy” Jessie laughed hysterically and opened her mouth filled with worms.

I am up and screaming. I will scream for a while and I see Eileen is there beside me she is screaming too. May be she got some of her senses back which would last for a while. That was a gruesome nightmare! I am up only to live the nightmare. I am holding Eileen in my arms which is disgusting me as her maggots are coming over my skin and her blood is mixing with my wounds but that is the least I can do for her.

“Honey” Eileen is looking at me.

“What is it sweetie?”

“Get dressed we are running late, will take Jessie to the puppet show tonight!”

need to be cont…?

Friday, December 08, 2006

Life in Words by------Zainab Bhatti

Why did she show him hope,
When she knew there was none?
Why is everything over,
When the fight has just begun?

Why did she just walk away,
When her soul was in his heart?
Why does he still love her,
When he knows they are worlds apart?

Why did she make those promises,
When she knew she couldn’t commit?
Why is his life still going on,
When he’s breaking bit by bit?

He won’t ever move on
But the least he can do is try
He has to depart – say bye bye
He can’t go on like this
Longing for her kiss
Because she’s no more here
She’s far yet so near.


The grave

The insects, the weeds
The flowers, the trees
The graying marble slab
The name and date
Etched in Urdu, black
The mound of mud
And your moldy self
The rusted tap
The watering can
In my own two hands.
The impassion
Of shattered existence
The restless soul
Your unseen presence


Dear life,

You are driving me nuts
Absolutely up the wall
And very much insane

The feelings mutual
You don’t like me
(That’s an understatement)
You really hate me don’t you?
Well so do I
Our odium works both ways

You control me
You can let me go
But not me
I can’t let you go just like that
I have my family to think about
And that friend of mine
(I’ve just got one)

The miserable things you make me swallow
When I just want to puke them up
You dominate me and
Choke me with despair
Force upon me
Day after wretched day
When all I want to do
Is rest my soul in peace.


Out of your head

Why isn’t life like a video tape?
Where you can delete some scenes?
And the parts that you like,
You can play them over and over again?
Why isn’t life like a tree?
Where you can keep the ever green pieces?
And discard the ones,
That end up colorless and dull?
Why isn’t life like a volcano?
Where you spit out thoughts like lava?
And when you’re in high spirits
Just let out some steam?
Why isn’t life like a cloud?
Where you can float in the sky?
And some experiences that you dislike
You can pour them out?
Why isn’t life like a snake?
Where you can keep yourself intact?
And shed some of the memories
That live in your head?
Why is life like a jealous ex?
Always nagging at me
To get back with it
Every single day,
When I’m trying to run far from it?
Why can’t it just go away,
And leave me alone?


`Silent cries`

My spirit cries alone, with blood-wet tears
It’s just me deserted, my pain and my fears
My soul is forever scarred, an eternal stain
I am the beggar – seeking all loss, no gain.

Your hurtful, hateful words awake buried flotsam thoughts
Dark damned ideas, I falsely believed I had forgot
Through holiness, a feeling of bliss is sure to arise
Useless, though, and dominated by my own silent cries

At the extreme edge of baleful life, I try to get a grip
Threats clung to my own soul, like life threatening drips
Wounds of memory become fresh, yet I attempt to dreamFalling back to reality, where life clearly isn’t what it seems

An ode to dad
I love you

Recall, I
The time
When you were alive
So full of character
And laden with love,
Recall, I
The time
When you were home
To a soul
And I
Just an innocent mind,
Recall I
The time
When life ran through you
And you heartened me
Through unclear patches
Of reality
Till I was 12, only,
Recall, I
The time
When you used to breathe
And you taught me Maths
When I failed my exam
You weren’t even cross,
Keep recalling, I
The moment
When you were taken away
On my brothers birthday
And how I cried
But still you died,
Keep recalling, I
That my agonizing life
Would be more than better
And more content
If you continued living


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pins and needles

These are not absolute narratives just, ermm random uncanny views of a bored mind I guess. Small slices of rotten pie ;)

Alleyway kids

“Shit! Now see what I did.” I sniveled and stumbled back.

“Huh, I asked you to snatch his wallet Joey, who the fuck said anything about slitting his throat”. James was searching the man for his wallet. The man tried to say something but could only managed few mumbles. The poor bastard was choking as he was gulping down his own blood.

“Wow look at this! This guy is loaded with cash” James showed me the dough. That brought a smile on my face.

“Help…err…pleasse… hel…” The man was begging.

“This is pathetic. Did we ask you to take a shortcut through dark alleyways? We rule here faggot!” As I counted the money James began fisting the guys face. The man managed to whimper for a while and went quiet. I did slit his gullet real bad.

“Hey isn’t this cute the guy carries his daughter picture with him” I handed James a photo of a smiling kid.”

James looked at the picture and spat on it. Then he stuffed the picture inside the man broken mouth, which was croaked and bloodied from the bashing he took.

Well that was ok the man was dead already.


“If love is blind I am defiantly competent for it” I joked. Silence greeted me. I guess she did not take the gag well.

“Ok I am sorry. I did not mean to upset you.” I try some reasoning. More silence.

“What do you want me to say? Speak up!”

“You will never make fun of yourself again.” At last came the sweet and sugary voice of Suzanne. She sounded upset. Upset at me I guess.

“ Oh I wish I could make that promise looking into your eyes” The words slipped before I could stop myself. I heard Suzanne leaving.

Darkness and solitude my two long time companions joined me as I sat alone. It started to drizzle and I searched for my stick. I wished I could see. There was so much I wanted to do so much I wanted to have but the pain and shadows was what I was gifted with. A smile crept over my face as I slowly made my way through the graves.

“Oh I almost forgot! I brought something for you” My hand went under my pockets. Out came a rose. I bent down and felt the grave.

“Here you go Suzanne, I am sorry” I left the rose on her grave and as the sky thundered I made my way back howling from inside.

Happy birthday

“ Happy birthday screw you! Happy birthday screw you! Happy birthday dear Eric happy birthday screw you.

I smiled as I inhaled the sugary venom. The guys were certainly far above the ground. A girl who I doubt even knew me was persistently trying to kiss me as a birthday gift.

“Get her off me” I pleaded to Jessie.

“Why should I? You want a big one from me” She advanced towards me. I was on my feet in an instant. Everyone laughed. Jessie tripped and landed on the floor out cold. The girl was gifting the kiss to someone else. I moved away from them hearing few ridiculous birthday wishing. ‘I’ve been taking drugs for comfort!’ The speaker thundered with nirvana singing in his unforgettable influence.

It was my birthday it was occasion of merriment and I wanted the occasion to end with a bang.

“Hey guys look what I got myself,” I screamed with ecstasy. Few guys manage to look at me and even at their drugged and drunken phase a look of uneasiness crept over their faces.

“ Let go of it this instant!” Jessie screamed as she saw me putting the gun in my mouth.

‘Marijuana!’ My favorite nirvana song was on.

The guys were reasoning with me. Jessie was going panic-stricken.

Oh well, Happy birthday screw me. I pulled the trigger. Bang!


“No!! I won’t let you take him” She was howling and was trying hard to keep him away from me. Looking at Eileen a feeling of disgust swept over me. I slapped her hard across the face and with a loud thud she crashed on the floor.

“Come, Son lets get out of this screwy town.” I grabbed Jimmy who was cowering with fear.

“No I want mommy. Go away!” Shouted Jimmy and went for his mom. I looked at him, only seven year of age and already he started to show his dad his intolerable manner.

“ Come on you brat, I’ll teach you what happens if you disobey me.” I yanked Jimmy on his feet grabbing his hairs. He squealed in pain and my wife grabbed my feet.

“Leave him alone for Christ sake! You are hurting him.” My wife begged. I looked at her face, so full of bruises and scars. A feeling of queasiness swept over me as I smashed the beer bottle on her deformed face. Screams echoed and Jimmy was finally with me.

Electric chair

I was hearing the cop instructing the other guy to increase the electrical force of the power supply. The fear was immense. I shook my head helplessly. . I shrieked with all the might in my body. But could only make a muttering sound as the bastards have put a gag in my mouth and taped it. I wished they had put a bit of acid in my ears at least I would have the pleasure of not hearing these assholes who are on a verge of devastating me bloody. I was cursing the cop hoarsely. But then it did not matter. Not the cop, not the bloody law system, not the injustice I was enduring, only because I was born in rags. All that matter was the bolt that hit me. It was a grueling and nauseating feeling of pain and terror. I felt my body burn inside me, as I winced like a road kill. I felt my eyes expanding in their sockets. My body pores were ripped and I could feel the blood streaming down my torso. The entire room filled with the odor of burning flesh.

“May lord have mercy on his soul here after” A cop said. It had been a long day and he could not wait to head for a bar.

Amen! Few muttered. The show ended.


I looked at my savior and smiled faintly. “You dead yet?” My rescuer asked with concern in his voice. I looked at him and nodded in disapproval. My savior was shocked to see me still breathing. I could not blame the poor guy. He just massacred my body with an axe to the best of his ability but I was still breathing. In the dim lights, I could only outline him as a dark shadow. He was a gloomy shadow casting a ray of hope on my decaying existence. The savior lifted his hand once again. Here it comes. I closed my eyes. It hit me like a bolt. The axe went in my guts ripping my organs on the dirty street. The savior did not stop then he hit me again and again. The pain was immense and the blood in my eyes blurred any vision I had. I was hoping the hurting would end with my life. After a while, in a pool of my own blood I started to wince like a road kill and went very still. “You dead now?” My rescuer asked with hopeful anxiety in his tone. I tried to look at him but saw nothing as the savior had chopped my face and perhaps my eyes were crushed in their sockets. So with great pain I shifted my body a little to indicate that I was still breathing. My savior screamed then and I heard his running footsteps. I yelp with nauseating fright and screamed for him to end my pain and kill me. But all that I could feel was blood dripping down my cracked mouth on my agonizing torso.

To hell with it

‘I hate this boring shit’. I thought miserably. Looking outside the window trying to escape the classroom, the dreadful professor and his nauseating lecture on economical reforms.

“Now Eric would tell us about the instability in the current economical conditions and the best approach to counter this problem”. A voice boomed over my head.

I looked up into the demons eye. Dear Mr. Richard, our economic teacher must have caught me not paying concentration to his lecture. He never asked anybody unless and until he wanted to make an example out of the students. Seeing his stern looks I knew I had to spit some economical bullshit soon or he would do something that I had to regret.

I got up on my feet and looked around. Damn Mr. Richard, half the class was sleeping why had he picked me. Oh I got it must be my ugly face. I smiled inside. Only few girls were fully up and looking at me. Few guys were also getting up from there sleep to enjoy the literary show.

“Speak up I don’t have all day” Mr. Richard bellowed with anger.

“ Economic is boring shit and you are the prime example of what happen to economist you 45 year old bald gay!”

Mr. Richard was visibly shaken. The class went dead silent apart from few giggles that came before they could be sealed.

“ You…I will… ure…career…its over…” Mr. Richard was stumbling with words.

“To hell with it. Fuck you!” I landed a fist on his face and he went down out cold. A thunderous ovation followed me as I left the classroom.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


I just stumble on this one...the unique feature would be that this stuff is hmm almost 8 years old... i found it in my ancient P1 damn i use to be such a distrub soul then... why would i write these things...too good i turned out to be a normal person ;)

p.s:- its not edited so may not make sense to literate once.. heck literate ppl wont entertain this to begin wid..!!


Shut up!,be calm you can't leave
don't talk just listen to my story ,let me tie you. ..dont speak!

Reality stinks, damn you,don't blink
Don't frown..hell look into my eyes not down

Don't worry there is no fuzz about you
you always had it all no one ever doubt you

Hey..I don't need your money,I have no greed
You cursed me! hurt my feelings,well for that you have to bleed

Don't shout its just a cut on your head
I guess..I hit you hard..plz dont be dead...

Shit....I think you will die...
I have no pity so don't beg or cry

You hurt my feelings :( cursed me again
I think Its time I should end your pain :)

Hahhaha the look of terror on your eyes
Don't blame me you were the one with curses and cries

Don't worry I wont hurt you much i'll be easy on your life
I'll just slit your throat softly with this knife...

Ahh now you are peaceful, you are dead
Let me make your grave err... your bed

Hehehhe Silly me,now that I burned you
Mutated your body and burried you

I remember now that I forgot to tell you my story of sorrow
Well,what the heck I'll tell it to some one else
and catch some pitifull dude like you

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I love Sara

The throbbing is catastrophic; almost disastrous. A stomach-churning feeling of pain, disgust and sadness is over shadowing my pathetic existence. I am seeing them together and I cannot take this anymore. She was holding his hands and they both were kissing, hugging, canoodling carelessly. At the far end, I stand and weep. You see…. I love Sara.


I am in my room with a switchblade in my hand. I know I can slit my wrists and watch blood flow down. Blood; the color of love. I am holding her picture. The one we took at the prom. She was looking stunning that day; hair tossed up in a bun with loose curls caressing her soft face. And I guess I was not looking bad either. We laughed and danced and drank a lot of beer till we collapsed. I am laughing hard now, as tears are gently flowing down my face.

You see, Sara and me go way back, I remember the first time I met her at junior high. I was the new kid and she was a big bully back then.

“Hey you, come here!” She demanded.

“Me, why? What did I do?” I went up to her. She was big and slightly overweight and was looking at me heatedly.

“Come here you prick!” She grabbed me from my sleeves and started to drag.

“Hey, what gives?” I started to shake with tears in my eyes.

“What’s your name?” She roared.

“Joey…let me go!!” I begged.

“Give me your lunch!” She demanded.

“Here, just leave me alone!” I cried, but no one heard me.


Those were the days. I am looking at the dance pictures. These pictures were taken four years ago but I still remember those beautiful days and would take them with me to my grave. I was selected as her dance partner and junior high was long gone. The bully turned into a beautiful young woman and the whimpering kid was a strong good-looking man. I was drowning; drowning in love, and all I cared about was Sara and even now as I shed tears, I love Sara.

“I am telling you it’s a bad idea, why don’t you take Eric as your partner.” I tried to protest while she laughed.

She was wearing an untailored white blouse neatly tucked in her Levis and was looking as beautiful as ever. I was in my usual sports attire and was flushed with embarrassment. We were holding each other in our arms and were dancing at a snail's pace on the beats of some classic song. These were romantic moments and I was secretly hoping they would never have to end.

“Hey don’t be a Jack; Eric is not a good dancer. I’ve seen you move like a maniac in the club. You can do this. Isn’t this sweet?” Her deep blue eyes were on mine and for a moment I was hypnotized by her attractiveness, her skin dripping with a sweet smelling perfume which filled the air, I pulled her closer.

“Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!” I heard a crowd roar behind me. I let go of Sara and turned around to see all the guys looking at our direction and grinning broadly.

“Now I see why Joey was missing gym. He is into dancing.” Eric was laughing like a maniac and all other guys were taking his leads.

“Hey leave Joey alone, he is helping me out. He is such a darling,” Sara landed a quick soft kiss on my cheek and then nothing mattered as we practiced ballet for hours. Later at the prom night we won the dance competition. Side by side we stood together; holding hands, laughing and hugging as the guys tried to tease me.

“Joey,” Sara was caressing my hand with her smooth fingers and we were sitting at a corner; where a couple of hours ago the DJ was rolling discs.

“Thank you so much for being my dance partner. I am so happy that I know ...”

I didn’t let her finish the sentence, as I traced her lips with quivering fingers and kissed her on the mouth.


I love Sara and I cannot stand looking at the picture I am holding now. Its Sara’s wedding picture. With a huge grin on her face, she is standing proud with her man; my friend Eric. I was at the wedding but was at a far corner, hiding behind a tree; watching them kissing tentatively in view of the guests. I remember having once been hit by a car and went flying in a nearby wall. I was hospitalized for a month and was in great agony but that pain was feeble to the pain I was feeling at the wedding. My heart was sinking and blackness swept before my eyes. I somehow made it to my apartment and crashed on the doorsteps.

“Hey!” Sara face lit up as she saw me at the door.

“Can I can come in?” I asked hesitantly.

She gave me her sweet expression of annoyance that I adore.

“You silly, you don’t need to ask, step in.”

I had the ring in my pocket. And I was gathering the courage to present it to her and ask her to take my hand.

“Hey, you goof! I know that look, what do you want, I am not going to lend you any money!”

Sara eyes were fixed on mine. She had a mischievous grin on her angelic face. Her hairs hung loosely on her shoulder and her eyes were fixed on my face.

“Well I’ve been trying to tell you for so long… that I…. I…”

The doorbell rung and then my whole world collapsed.

“Hey who could this be? You hold your thoughts. I’ll be right back!” Sara smiled and went out, leaving me and my thoughts alone.

After a few minutes I heard Sara scream. I was on my feet and out in a stance. I was ready to rip apart anyone who made her scream.

It was Eric and he was holding my Sara and she was screaming with excitement. I stood there confused as I saw them both canoodling and smiling. And then Eric kissed Sara on the mouth and my heart sank in an abyss of darkness.

“Joey!” Sara ran towards me and enfolded my body in her arms.

“Look at this, just look at this!” Sara was waving her hand. And I saw it. She was wearing an engagement ring.

“Eric just asked me to marry him and I said yes!” Sara looked at me and a look of uneasiness crept over her face.

“Are you okay Joey?” Sara was looking at me with those lovely, half concerned blue eyes.

“Congratulations!” was all I could say forcefully and halfheartedly.

What I am doing won’t be considered human by most mortals. I would be labeled a psycho, a maniac or a mentally retard person but nobody would know the reason I am doing this. But I know it in my heart I am doing all of this because of Sara. I love Sara. I just heard Sara moan. She must be regaining her consciousness. But I am not worried I had tied her. I am not evil but I can’t control the hate and hurting in my heart, and the hurt that she caused in me is a great deal. You see I invited both Eric and Sara at my apartment, as any normal person would invite a friend. A friend? Hah! Such a temptress she looked, her curvy figure being accentuated by her sexy silk blouse and short black skirt. In they walked into my trap, hand in hand. As they ate, I creepily smiled but no one was kind enough to pay any heed. I had drugged their food. As they lay comatose, I tied them both up and threw them in the cold attic. I have never hurt a person in my life so slitting Eric’s throat was the hardest thing for me to do. And I was taken aback as he woke up from his unconscious state and struggled with the ropes till he bled to death. I dragged Eric’s body away from Sara and started to kill her the same way. But my hand froze. The memories came back hard then, and I was drowning in a sea of flash backs. I remembered the bully at junior high, the young woman at the dance and her innocence, which I had fantasized about so much. I knew I could not do it. Eric was not who I cared about but I love Sara.

So I am writing this suicide note and Sara is weeping and asking me questions. She wants to know where Eric was and why I was doing this. She could not believe that her best friend could be a maniac. I don’t know why love is supposed to be bliss when it hurts so much. I am almost finished with my suicide note. I don’t feel any good as I have slit my wrist a few minutes before and blood was dripping off my wounds.

“Joey for God sake please, I beg you stop this!” She was trying hard to convince me with tears flowing down her face, as I walked towards her. I cupped her angelic face in my hand as tightly as I could, raised it and gently traced her lips with the tips of my fingers. I looked lovingly at the horror-struck look on her face and let out a pleasured moan.

“You made me do this, honey, only you…” I whispered, as I pulled myself closer to her and threw her on the floor, climbing on top of her heartlessly, lifting her skirt, unbuttoning her blouse, revealing soft skin. Words failed her, and all I heard was heavy breathing, heart pounding, shocked gasps, and terror in her eyes but I did not care. I had her. She was mine, and nothing would take her away from me. Absolutely nothing.


ending is not by me.. u can suggest one if u like?

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Here comes the clown. Loading guns and sarcastic frowns
Freak show, a sleazy affair, and carcass rotting, apathy near

Fuck the clown! Compel their scowl upside down
Prolong shrieks, cowardly escapes and gutless retreats

Thaw out the bodies’ and slaughter the purity
Smash to smithereens, dance devil… formulate surety

Here comes the clown. Loading guns and sarcastic frowns
Freak show, a sleazy affair, and carcass rotting, apathy near

Decease clown, diseased and filthy clown, smiles the malformed
Inherited pain and humiliation, eternal haunt

Beseech to differ Clown? And carp to unshackle?
Plea not to dreadful abhorrence but pursue a jackal

Here comes the clown. Loading guns and sarcastic frowns
Freak show, a sleazy affair, and carcass rotting, apathy near