Friday, May 13, 2005

Nice guy

I was speeding away on my bike when I heard the guy begging for help my conscious begged me to stop. I stopped my bike close to the person and examined him. He was in the pool of his own blood twisting in agony. He had been hit badly and at the late hour of night I knew no one would come to his aid at least till dawn. But if I went for him I could get in trouble myself. I knew how our authority system worked.“Your luck buddy, I’m off” I said to the poor bastard.“Please help me, don’t let me die I have kids.” The man begged again. Damn he was getting emotional and my mind was teasing me again. I get off my bike and looked around. There was no soul on the street. I examined the man closely. He was semi conscious and mumbling for help. His forehead was smashed open and blood was splashing on his face. He had lost his good looks as even in the dim light I could see his nose was missing. All was left was a smashed chunk of meat instead of a person snout.I looked around and searched the man.“Please take me to a doctor, what are you doing” The man whispered.But by then I was taking the ultimate risk by listening to my mind. I found a wallet and it was filled with dough and to top that off a latest model cellular phone.The man knew what I was up to even in his dying state.“Take the money, take everything but take me to the doctor.” The man slowly whispered.I looked at him knowing he would die “Sorry dude can’t risk it like I was the one who hit you in the first place.” I smiled sadly and went on my way.I was on my bike when I heard the man begging to me again. It was not the man but my mind that was torturing me. It was shouting at me to help the guy, I though about helping the guy for a second. The condition was sad. The man would die eventually but very pain fully. I turned my bike towards him. I saw the man face lit up as he saw me but the last look on his face was terror as I crushed his body beneath my bike and went over the road kill again and again.

I was not happy first I had my time wasted when I hit the dumb guy. Then by killing him and ending his misery I had his stinky blood all over my bike. I looked at disgust at the carcass of the man and went on my way cursing myself for being a nice guy.