Sunday, September 18, 2005

Chronicle of Eric: Poor Jessie

I loved the sugary sounds of scream and suffering. As I was pealing the bloody skin of Jessie with a razor blade her shrieks and cries were only adding to my excitement. I looked at her beautiful face, which was so full of distress and suffering.

I would have enjoyed further but I heard my Dad shouting.

“ Eric! Keep it down!” My Dad barked.

I smiled and looked at Jessie. Dad was such a naïve. He thought I was having fun with Jessie in the basement. I turned down the volume of my stereo system.

Jessie was out of her wits. She was slanting and turning on the ground in a state of blind panic and immense pain.

“Hey Bitch, I am not through with you yet,” I whispered to her.

I opened my toolbox and took out my hammer. I went to Jessie and lifted her up. She moaned in pain and looked at me with tears building in her eyes. I hit her lightly on the head. She winced in pain. I smacked her again, harder this time. She screamed a little but I was not thrilled. I thumped her again, this time using the pointing edge of the hammer. That was an ideal shot and had a perfect landing on her skull. Her head cracked open and a stream of thick red blood flew from her head. She shrieked in hurting and fainted.

I lifted the motion less body of Jessie and placed it gently on the table. As I looked at her gorgeous face, it reminded me of her innocence and sweet nature. I was sadden for a moment but then smiled at the thought of mutilating such a wonderful face. I belted her body to the table. I knew the consequence of acid would be dire and unbearable and I did not want Jessie to make a huge fuss over it. Dad might hear it and I’d get my ass whopped. So when I was sure that Jessie was tightly tied to the table. I went to my beloved toolbox again.

The irony of life, that I found pissing was choices. I looked at the many bottles of acid in the toolbox. Damn! I was unable to decide which acid to select for Jessie’s face and Jessie was regaining consciousness. To make matters worst the alarm on my wristwatch indicated that Dad would call me for dinner in an hour or so.

So I took two different bottles containing the most hazardous acid and went to Jessie. My mere sight made the unfortunate Jessie winced in pain.

“Don’t worry honey. It would hurt badly but I promise the pain wont last forever.”

She looked at me horrified and shocked as I poured both acids on her beloved face. The effect was wonderful. As the room filled with the nauseating smell of burning flesh, the feeble and frail body of Jessie found incredible strength. The whole table shook as she tried to break free. I smiled at her feeble attempts. Poor Jessie, her face was melting I could even see the bones beneath her skin. Her efforts died as she looked at me blankly. Her eyes were full of pain and I could not bear the sight of poor Jessie looking at me. I went for the acid again and pour all the left over in her eyes.

She flinched in throbbing for the last time as the world around her darkened and she finally died.

Damn, now the hard part. I quickly turned on the volume of my sound system. I untied the mutilated and filthy body of Jessie and threw her on the ground. How I hollowed out the grave for Jessie and buried her in the basement is a different story and conceivably a squander of time to be put in words.

So as I finally buried poor Jessie, I heard my dad again.

“ Turn down the volume!!” Dad shouted.

“Ok dad, anything for you” I replied cheerfully. It turned out to be a wonderful day for me.


I was in my room and was looking good. I just had a nice bath and was planning to start my homework when dad walked in with a bad news. Jessie had disappeared. My dad and me searched for her obsessively. But she was not found and I cried my heart out. I missed her so much. God knows what happened to her!

Well a month later I was in high spirits again as it was my birthday. I just turned fifteen and my Dad bought me a pet as a birthday gift. She was a pleasant and friendly dog. I looked at her cute face wondering what games would I play with her.

In homage to my last pet dog, I named her Jessie…