Sunday, January 29, 2006


Here comes the clown. Loading guns and sarcastic frowns
Freak show, a sleazy affair, and carcass rotting, apathy near

Fuck the clown! Compel their scowl upside down
Prolong shrieks, cowardly escapes and gutless retreats

Thaw out the bodies’ and slaughter the purity
Smash to smithereens, dance devil… formulate surety

Here comes the clown. Loading guns and sarcastic frowns
Freak show, a sleazy affair, and carcass rotting, apathy near

Decease clown, diseased and filthy clown, smiles the malformed
Inherited pain and humiliation, eternal haunt

Beseech to differ Clown? And carp to unshackle?
Plea not to dreadful abhorrence but pursue a jackal

Here comes the clown. Loading guns and sarcastic frowns
Freak show, a sleazy affair, and carcass rotting, apathy near

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Satan's Feet

Fleshy tissue stinks, the cadaver burns in sadistic flames…
Screams reverberation, hurt exhausts, Satan’s blame…

Adolescence decomposing, melting corpses, screaming so sound…
Contaminated internal suffer, detestation propels, chaos crowned….

Thrusting fears, brutal piercing spear, fierce anarchy near…
Pungent dust, stench heave, weeping blood-spattered tears…

Persecute innocence, boogie on the bereavement floor….
Run- rabbit-run, hide and seek, trepidation for more…

Darkness scattered, bombs boomed, humanity doomed
Twinge droplets to the soil, melancholy blossom gloomed….

Hate breed and sadistic thoughts, blood bath and suffer creed
Tick-tock, nirvana lost and pain progress, clock ends and life stop…

Trick or treat? Lie or deceit? Struggle or retreat?
Lunacy predict, yielding maniacs… hailing Satan’s feet.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Body Snatcher

Part1-“Digging the grave”

“ Ok man this is it…. You sure you want to do this?” I looked at him. His face was a grim mask of panic and he was shaking like a leaf. Poor dude, I smiled. The situation was too momentous for him and I knew he would have given anything to get out of the predicament he was in.

“Yes, I am sure, and don’t you worry. This is my idea so no one would blame you,” I tried to comfort the guy as I handed him the shovel.

“ Why are we doing this, come again Eric?”

I gazed hard at James and my eyes went for my wristwatch. It was 1 am in the morning. A perfect time to put the plan in action and James was wasting precious time.

“ We are doing this because we both agreed that this is the best way to earn money. Man if we don’t get our share of marijuana soon we are going to die anyway so stop your bitching and start digging.”

And digging we did. After intense efforts we managed to disband the grave and was mesmerize to see a beautiful dead girl inside. I knew her. She was Tiffany, her story was sad; she was born with a hole in her heart that caused her life at the tender age of eighteen.

“Man I can’t believe this, we just attended her funeral the other day and here we are fucking things up.” James bitched again. But I was not listening to him. I was looking at Tiffany her immaculate body went radiant by the moonlight showering on her. I bent and kissed her softly on the lips. It felt strange and cold I backed off and laughed.

“Now that would never have happened if she was alive James, would it?”

James gave me a sickening look and handed me the knife.

It was time to get messy. In two hours the work was done. Tiffany’s dead body ended up in a pile of bloody and gooey red meat.

But we had our jars full. I made sure we had everything. I took out the eyes, lungs, liver heart and meat. James was puking and wincing and was covered with blood. I went out of the grave and collected the jars.

“You did not help much buddy” I smiled at James who was covered with blood and was looking at me indifferently. I was in no good condition; not only I smelled like shit but also was painted red with blood.

I went for the car. It was 4 am and was peaceful so there were no worries for me. I put the jars in the car and went back.

“ You asshole! Look what you did, now I have to do extra work.” I snapped at James.

He could only mumble a little and I felt for the poor guy. His skull was ripped open by the shot I gave him by the shovel and he was face in on the bloody remain of tiffany’s. He was whispering or begging as I buried him alive.

Whew Hard work! I gasped and fled from the scene as soon as morning begins to enter the zone.

The dreadful day was over and time went on. Few weeks later I was sitting in the cafeteria with sadness in my heart and money in my pockets. Selling body parts was not a bad experience but I was missing James. He was the best guy to smoke pot with. I knew I would be seeing James soon as I needed money again and I knew James would help being a considerate bastard he was.

I silently ate my sandwich, when my fellow classmates came charging from behind.

“Give me this, shouted one guy and snatched the sandwich from my hand.”

Not again I looked at the group crossly. The damn guys were animal. Within minutes the sandwich was gone.

“Sorry Eric but you know how we love these sandwiches.” Brittany was licking her fingers.

“Yes dude, your food taste the best. Come on tell us your secret and we would leave you and your food alone” Tom smiled at me.

I looked at the greedy bunch and retorted angrily.

“ I’ve told you thousand times, I use human meat and its delicious, so go get your own and leave my food alone for crying out loud.”

They all looked at me, few made faces and few burst out laughing. I looked at Brittany. She was giggling too. Damn! She had such a beautiful body and she was so healthy. I envisioned her in the grave and a smile crept over my face…