Sunday, February 26, 2006


I just stumble on this one...the unique feature would be that this stuff is hmm almost 8 years old... i found it in my ancient P1 damn i use to be such a distrub soul then... why would i write these things...too good i turned out to be a normal person ;)

p.s:- its not edited so may not make sense to literate once.. heck literate ppl wont entertain this to begin wid..!!


Shut up!,be calm you can't leave
don't talk just listen to my story ,let me tie you. ..dont speak!

Reality stinks, damn you,don't blink
Don't frown..hell look into my eyes not down

Don't worry there is no fuzz about you
you always had it all no one ever doubt you

Hey..I don't need your money,I have no greed
You cursed me! hurt my feelings,well for that you have to bleed

Don't shout its just a cut on your head
I guess..I hit you hard..plz dont be dead...

Shit....I think you will die...
I have no pity so don't beg or cry

You hurt my feelings :( cursed me again
I think Its time I should end your pain :)

Hahhaha the look of terror on your eyes
Don't blame me you were the one with curses and cries

Don't worry I wont hurt you much i'll be easy on your life
I'll just slit your throat softly with this knife...

Ahh now you are peaceful, you are dead
Let me make your grave err... your bed

Hehehhe Silly me,now that I burned you
Mutated your body and burried you

I remember now that I forgot to tell you my story of sorrow
Well,what the heck I'll tell it to some one else
and catch some pitifull dude like you


Anonymous Marium said...

Very well psychotically written!

2:32 AM  
Anonymous Xenab said...

yeh 8 saal pehlay jitnay bhi saal kay thay hain abhi tak bilkul waisay hai

3:14 AM  
Anonymous jenL said...

nice one... dude this is wat i xpect frm u..not sum luv sic puppy story.. ur psychosis is genius tats wat i admire msot bout ur work

10:30 PM  
Anonymous zab said...

thats like something out of my!

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Raheel said...

well done :) ignore these people... u know what i mean..
keep up the good work.

4:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u sound troubled alrite lols....something like emimen lyrics id say!

6:56 AM  
Anonymous Beautiful Stranger said...

My goodness me ... stumbled upon another freak ... cool . Kill him kill him ... kill 'em all .

11:03 PM  

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