Friday, December 08, 2006

Life in Words by------Zainab Bhatti

Why did she show him hope,
When she knew there was none?
Why is everything over,
When the fight has just begun?

Why did she just walk away,
When her soul was in his heart?
Why does he still love her,
When he knows they are worlds apart?

Why did she make those promises,
When she knew she couldn’t commit?
Why is his life still going on,
When he’s breaking bit by bit?

He won’t ever move on
But the least he can do is try
He has to depart – say bye bye
He can’t go on like this
Longing for her kiss
Because she’s no more here
She’s far yet so near.


The grave

The insects, the weeds
The flowers, the trees
The graying marble slab
The name and date
Etched in Urdu, black
The mound of mud
And your moldy self
The rusted tap
The watering can
In my own two hands.
The impassion
Of shattered existence
The restless soul
Your unseen presence


Dear life,

You are driving me nuts
Absolutely up the wall
And very much insane

The feelings mutual
You don’t like me
(That’s an understatement)
You really hate me don’t you?
Well so do I
Our odium works both ways

You control me
You can let me go
But not me
I can’t let you go just like that
I have my family to think about
And that friend of mine
(I’ve just got one)

The miserable things you make me swallow
When I just want to puke them up
You dominate me and
Choke me with despair
Force upon me
Day after wretched day
When all I want to do
Is rest my soul in peace.


Out of your head

Why isn’t life like a video tape?
Where you can delete some scenes?
And the parts that you like,
You can play them over and over again?
Why isn’t life like a tree?
Where you can keep the ever green pieces?
And discard the ones,
That end up colorless and dull?
Why isn’t life like a volcano?
Where you spit out thoughts like lava?
And when you’re in high spirits
Just let out some steam?
Why isn’t life like a cloud?
Where you can float in the sky?
And some experiences that you dislike
You can pour them out?
Why isn’t life like a snake?
Where you can keep yourself intact?
And shed some of the memories
That live in your head?
Why is life like a jealous ex?
Always nagging at me
To get back with it
Every single day,
When I’m trying to run far from it?
Why can’t it just go away,
And leave me alone?


`Silent cries`

My spirit cries alone, with blood-wet tears
It’s just me deserted, my pain and my fears
My soul is forever scarred, an eternal stain
I am the beggar – seeking all loss, no gain.

Your hurtful, hateful words awake buried flotsam thoughts
Dark damned ideas, I falsely believed I had forgot
Through holiness, a feeling of bliss is sure to arise
Useless, though, and dominated by my own silent cries

At the extreme edge of baleful life, I try to get a grip
Threats clung to my own soul, like life threatening drips
Wounds of memory become fresh, yet I attempt to dreamFalling back to reality, where life clearly isn’t what it seems

An ode to dad
I love you

Recall, I
The time
When you were alive
So full of character
And laden with love,
Recall, I
The time
When you were home
To a soul
And I
Just an innocent mind,
Recall I
The time
When life ran through you
And you heartened me
Through unclear patches
Of reality
Till I was 12, only,
Recall, I
The time
When you used to breathe
And you taught me Maths
When I failed my exam
You weren’t even cross,
Keep recalling, I
The moment
When you were taken away
On my brothers birthday
And how I cried
But still you died,
Keep recalling, I
That my agonizing life
Would be more than better
And more content
If you continued living



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