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Hello folk’s; gentlemen, ladies and babies. I am the Dark side the Darkened soul, the venture from Satan’s pit and all that jazz. I have some tales to tell. These tales are for those who care to read about distress and dreadful situations in their comfy rooms, glad that it’s not them but the miserable people in the story gathering their gruesome fate. The writer is not to be blamed, for what is put forth is not in actual fact by him but by Darkened soul. Although this is hard to procure especially by you people who have yet to acquire the scheme of God and his clout but that’s the precision in its most obscure form. Everyone is welcome to read these tales which contain the sadism of life, the spitefulness of Achilles' heel and a gratifying ride filled with blood, guts and piercing gore. Enjoy!

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jessie Happy birthday to you…”

Eileen is carrying a cake. Last year Jessie turned twelve and demanded a chocolate cream cake. Eileen baked it and we all ate the cake went to the amusement park and Jessie had such fun! This time around I see Eileen baked the same chocolate cream cake. But the mere site of the cake sickened me. Eileen is oblivion of the reality that the white creamy surface of the cake was soaked with thick blood which was oozing from Eileen hand. Jessie is not jumping with joy at the site of the cake. She is in bed and most of her face is rotten. Her body is covered with bacteria and toadstool. Her mouth is half open and blood is trickling down her chin. The room has this stench of putrefy remains and vomit.

“Hey, here you go angel, take a bite...” I am watching in distaste. Eileen is forcing a portion of the cake in Jessie mouth. Jessie swollen body is resisting I can see that but Eileen is pressing hard. What remains of Jessie mouth is bleeding all over the cake and some of it is finally in her mouth and will probably stay there and rot.

“Hey Honey, you want some!” Eileen is now facing me her hand rest on her hips which is a sign that she is irritated. I used to love that look, I was blessed to have a fine-looking wife and gorgeous kid. Now I am cursed to see Eileen. Her whole body is soaked with blood steaming down the pores of her skin. She has yanked most of her hairs off her skull in despair and anguish. But that was when she had some senses left in her. I can see that she has lost her mentality. How lucky is this!! Why can’t I lose my mind!! And become rancid happy and cheerful.

“No honey, ill have it later. You go dress up; we will go out in a while”.

“Ok, Gumby” Jessie is smiling at me and I want to scream. She has lost most of her teeth and more blood is coming from her mouth.

“I am checking on dingy!”

“You better feed him too honey, I’ll give Jessie some more cake” Jessie is looking at me with her ‘oh honey you are so sweet smile.’

I am out of the room. Can’t take this anymore, I want to scream, I want to curse, I want to cry but I have been doing this since hell broke lose on my house. I am not feeling too good either. Have lost much blood, can see my skin rotting and the smutty fungus is spreading all over my skin. I am the last one to get infected by this disease. The first one was dingy, our beloved pet dog. At the far end of Jessie room is Dingy’s corner. The poor chump is still there. But all I can see is a pulp of skin and meat covered in red and still showing some sign of life. The fungus eats u slowly I guess as none of us are dead yet. We are melting inside and out, our skin is shredding and these fucking maggots are feasting on us yet we are alive. Oh well I feel I can scream for a while!!!!

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….help!! You fuckers let us out!!!
Let my wife out!! Let my kid out!!

“Daddy, I got a surprise for you!” Jessie arms were around me and I hugged her hard. She always gave me cute little surprises which were mere stories from school or something new she learned”

“What is it sweet face?” I kissed her cheek, admiring her beauty, her blue eyes, creamy white skin and shiny blond hair.

“Close your eyes, and open them when I say so daddy” Jessie gave me her grin.

I closed my eyes and waited.

“Open you eyes daddy!”

I opened my eyes and my heart sunk. Jessie face was crawling with maggots her last strands of hair were falling and her skin was liquefying.

“I love you Daddy” Jessie laughed hysterically and opened her mouth filled with worms.

I am up and screaming. I will scream for a while and I see Eileen is there beside me she is screaming too. May be she got some of her senses back which would last for a while. That was a gruesome nightmare! I am up only to live the nightmare. I am holding Eileen in my arms which is disgusting me as her maggots are coming over my skin and her blood is mixing with my wounds but that is the least I can do for her.

“Honey” Eileen is looking at me.

“What is it sweetie?”

“Get dressed we are running late, will take Jessie to the puppet show tonight!”

need to be cont…?


Anonymous Anticipated said...

nice story...come on....tell more

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Hasan said...


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Anonymous Zainab said...

i kind of dont get it...

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maggots..fungus..worms.. creative?

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

in a morbidly fascinating way....i really wanna know what happens....curses!

5:14 AM  
Anonymous aNupRiYa said...

woosh! chilling! next next??

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