Thursday, August 16, 2007



“How many have you killed?’

Not many.

“Give me a number?”

The news says 27.

“27! Fuck no!”

Fuck yes…!

“That’s preposterous you silly asshole.”

I am sorry.

“You ought to be!”

What in store next?

“Well there will be an inquiry. Media will lash out at the lunacy. Safety measures level will go high. Wrongdoers will go in detention Yady ya ya!”

What about me? It was a nominal malfunction the regulator fucked up. I had to place the explosive some where fast.

“So Public Park was ok?”

Well I thought about MacDonald’s. But you know I am sucker for clowns! Then I saw not too far away this wretched park with some miserable families having sick, lonely and depressed gratification. So I went in and placed the sucker right in the middle of the park. Ha ha.

“Ok, I think we can make an arrangement for you to take a vacation in Dubai”

Fuck no! I want to stay here! I have a life too. I am not running away. Ask these political pundits to fucking cover me up. I was going for there purpose to begin with.

‘Don’t be an ass. They are fumed. You had to place these explosives at the journalist's protest against poverty. And you ended up blowing poverty. Ha hA HA’

I am sorry.

“You ought to be!”


Blogger zazafeefi said...

heyyyyyyyy thats brilliant *just like me* :D no seriously, its awesome yaar - what goes on inside that head of yours, mmmm?

10:14 AM  

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